Our Vision

Our vision is to build a community where our adult children can live as independently as possible. We envision a mixture of dormitory style housing as well as duplexes with one- and two-bedroom units. Each unit will have a common area as well as a small kitchen for preparation of meals. 

We also envision having a dining hall to ensure the residents will have meals available to them. The common area will have a game room, a library, and other activities for the residents.   

We would like to have every resident to have a job to give them a sense of purpose. Whether that is on campus or off-campus. We will have job coaches on staff to help the residents achieve these goals. Everyone is capable of doing something meaningful and to have a purpose. 

frequently asked  questions

Residents who reside on the campus of Next Step will need to have some level of independence. There will be staff on campus to assist with day to day needs such as medications, supervision with personal care support and ensuring the safety of all residents. Parents will be able to provide a caregiver of their choosing at their expense. Individuals with severe behavioral issues or who may harm themselves or others will not be considered.

At this time, we have not worked out the details of funding. We are hoping to be able to accept the Med Waiver, as well as Section 8 housing vouchers. We will announce more as we learn more.

We hope to have Next Step of Seminole operational by 2028-2030.